Nominee "YL Fit Body Boot Camp" - 2023 Best of Yorba Linda

YL Fit Body Boot Camp


About this Nominee

At Yorba Linda Fit Body Boot Camp, you'll benefit from our unique and efficient fitness boot camp workouts, professional coaching and expert dietary advice. However, the true secret to our success is our amazing community. When you join the Fit Body Family, you become part of a supportive group that challenges each other and makes each workout fun and addictive. You'll leave each session happy, energized and motivated to come back! Our signature afterburn workouts are so quick, convenient and effective that even the busiest of schedules can't stand in the way! These high-powered workouts last just 30-minutes but produce a jolt to your metabolism that will have you shedding fat and building lean muscle for over 30 hours after the session ends. It doesn't get any more efficient than that!

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