Nominee "US Bank - Sumir Desai" - 2023 Best of Yorba Linda

US Bank - Sumir Desai


About this Nominee

No matter where you are in the home buying process, I’m proud to be part of the U.S. Bank mortgage team! I look forward to providing you with exceptional service and value as your dedicated local partner. As a mortgage loan officer right here in North Orange County, I work with you to help you find the right mortgage for your unique situation. You probably have lots of questions. How much house can I really afford? Which type of mortgage best fits my needs? I can help you answer questions like that and I've worked with lots of people in and around Yorba Linda with home financing needs similar to yours. I'm proud to work for a reputable bank like U.S. Bank, and you can trust me to do what's right for you. So give me a call at 714-473-4247.

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